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The 2014 Closure at Chicago O'Hare Weather Station

In december I made a post considering the chance that the year of 2014 in Chicago O'Hare Intl Airport could be placed in one of the three coldest years since 1951. Unfortunately, this extraordinary mark could not be reached because december was almost 3C warmer than normal. Hence, 2014 ended up in the fourth position, just behind 1951, 1972 and 1985. Ahead it is shown the five coldest years and their mean temperatures for this station.

1- 1951: 8,2C
2- 1972: 8,4C
3- 1985: 8,6C
4- 2014: 8,65C
5- 1996: 8,68C

Another thing that makes this year interesting is the fact that this cold 2014 was preceded by a very hot 2012 (the hottest year ever recorded in the station) and by two other cold years (2008 and 2009), which means that the recent years have been volatile for Chicago's climate. The chart below shows exactly this, and contrast this curious temperature behaviour with the path seen between the late 50's and the early 80's.

So, what´s next? This 2015 has begun also chilly in the city. Will it begin a new cold era for the region? Or will it keep volatile as experienced in the last years?

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